multiple myeloma

The Multiple Myeloma, Benzene, BASF & LPLA case is about a painter at the Avondale Shipyards from 1988-1990 and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010.  Mr. Moore alleged that the products and paints used contained benzene which later caused his multiple myeloma. A summary judgment was granted with regard […]

Multiple Myeloma, Benzene, BASF & LPLA

  A study published on NIH site draws a correlation between multiple myeloma and chemical exposure (e.g., solvents, benzene).  Apparently, the researchers looked at a spectrum of studies, occupations and locations to document the etiology of mulitple myeloma and various jobs.   The study notes, in particular, that “people employed as […]

Multiple Myeloma, Benzene & Occupation Exposure

The Harris, CSX, Benzene & Multiple Myeloma is about railroad worker that alleged his multiple myeloma was caused by his exposure to benzene from the diesel exhaust fumes or diesel exhaust during his time on the job a the railroad. Harris, CSX, Benzene & Multiple Myeloma: A case in the […]

Harris, CSX, Benzene & Multiple Myeloma

Hallquist, Dupont, Benzene & Leukemia: A case in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division ruled on a motion to dismiss. The Hallquist, Dupont, Benzene & Leukemia case documents what many people may face today that may have worked in the petroleum industry and the petrochemical industry and been exposed to Benzene […]

Hallquist, Dupont, Benzene & Leukemia