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Benzene, AML, ExxonMobil & Thomas is about a oil refinery worker that developed acute myelogenous leukemia from possible/alleged benzene and other toxic exposures. A brief summary of the Benzene, AML, ExxonMobil & Thomasz scenario follows: Plaintiffs brings this action alleging that exposure to benzene and benzene-containing products at the hands […]

Benzene, AML, ExxonMobil & Thomas

Benzene, Exxon Mobil & Thomas is a case about a man that used various products manufactured by some of the defendants and later developed acute myeloid leukemia from alleged benzene exposure. A brief summary of the Benzene, Exxon Mobil & Thomas case follows: Plaintiff Thomas alleges that exposure to benzene […]

Benzene, Exxon Mobil & Thomas