Benzene, ExxonMobil, Million and Lymphoma is about a chemical plant employee that alleges his workplace exposure to toxic substances and carcinogens – benzene and vinyl chloride – caused his lymphoma.  A brief summary of the Benzene, ExxonMobil, Million and Lymphoma case follows: This is a toxic tort action on appeal […]

Benzene, United States Steel, Million and Lymphoma

Benzene, AML, ExxonMobil & Thomas is about a oil refinery worker that developed acute myelogenous leukemia from possible/alleged benzene and other toxic exposures. A brief summary of the Benzene, AML, ExxonMobil & Thomasz scenario follows: Plaintiffs brings this action alleging that exposure to benzene and benzene-containing products at the hands […]

Benzene, AML, ExxonMobil & Thomas

A recent study was published on NIH site (Toxicology and Journal Health – Sage Journal) outlining the four U.S. ExxonMobil refineries and the potential assessment of benzene exposure (air exposure) and the jobs or tasks performed by personnel at the refineries. The study reviewed data from four U.S. ExxonMobil refineries: […]

Refinery Jobs and Benzene Exposure