Aplastic Anemia

Chemical Exposure, Benzene, and Leukemia: A recent study out of Minnesota opined that benzene exposure is one of the few well-established risk factors for AML (acute myeloid leukemia), and recent studies suggest it is also a risk factor for MDS (myelodysplastic syndromes). The study went on to discuss that 30% […]

Chemical Exposure, Benzene, and Leukemia

Scott, Cenac, Benzene, Aplastic Anemia: A recent case in the United States District Court, E.D. Louisiana ruled on a motion for summary judgment. The Scott, Cenac, Benzene, Aplastic Anemia case documents what many people may face today that may have worked in the petroleum industry, the petrochemical industry, the steel industry, the […]

Scott, Cenac, Benzene, Aplastic Anemia