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Benzene, United States Steel, Coppage and Cancer is a recent case about a United States Steel employee that alleges his exposure to benzene toxins while working for United States Steel caused or contributed to his development of cancer. A brief summary of the Benzene, United States Steel, Coppage and Cancer case follows:

  • This case involves products liability claims brought against various manufacturers of benzene and benzene-containing products
  • Complaint was filed by James Coppage, Jr. (“Coppage”), who alleged that he had developed cancer as a result of prolonged benzene exposure.
  • Coppage unfortunately died from his illness in July, 2019
  • Coppage’s claims for negligence and gross negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability, intentional tort, and fraudulent misrepresentation became survival actions on behalf of Coppage’s estate
  • Brocious formally substituted as Plaintiff in the litigation
  • However, on August 26, 2019, Brocious’s counsel had emailed a proposed Second Amended Complaint to all counsel
  • The proposed Second Amended Complaint added allegations regarding Coppage’s death, and added a wrongful death action naming both Brocious and her brother, Robert Coppage, as coplaintiffs
  • Subsequently, Robert Coppage decided he did not wish to pursue a wrongful death claim
  • Brocious circulated another draft Second Amended Complaint in October, 2019, which named Brocious as the sole plaintiff in the wrongful death count
  • This time, several Defendants expressly declined to consent to its filing, because a “wrongful death claim is required to include all potential primary beneficiaries as necessary parties pursuant to Md. Cts. & Jud. Proc. §3-904(f),” which would preclude Brocious from filing her wrongful death claim without including Robert Coppage

For more on the Benzene, United States Steel, Coppage and Cancer case in the United States District Court, D. Maryland, please follow this link: Benzene, United States Steel, Coppage and Cancer.

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