Benzene, Shell Oil, Truck Driver & Louisiana

Benzene, Shell Oil, Truck Driver & Louisiana is a case about a Louisiana tanker truck driver that alleges that his non-hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) was caused by his exposure to hazardous crude oil and other chemicals (containing benzene) while loading, unloading, and transporting petroleum products.

Benzene, Shell Oil, Truck Driver & Louisiana: A case in the US District Court, E.D. Louisiana, ruled on a motion to remand.

A brief summary of the case follows:

  • This personal injury case arises out of a truck driver’s allegation that he suffers from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma caused by prolonged work-related exposure to benzene and benzene-containing products.
  • Employed as a contract truck driver from 1996 through 2009, Edward McPhate claims that he regularly came into contact with benzene while loading, unloading, and transporting petroleum products.
  • Mr. McPhate loaded tank trucks at the Shell Oil Kenner, Shell Norco, Murphy Mereaux, Chalmette Refining, and Belle Chasse Chevron facilities and unloaded the trucks at various locations in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.
  • On March 28, 2014, Mr. McPhate was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a terminal cancer of the blood caused by benzene exposure.
  • On March 20, 2016, Mr. McPhate (a Louisiana citizen) sued Murphy Oil USA, Inc.; Shell Oil Company; Chalmette Refining, LLC; Schneider National Bulk Carriers, Inc.; and Chevron Oronite Company, LLC
  • The Court ruled: motion to remand granted
  • To find out more on the case, see Benzene and Tanker Truck Driver.

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