Benzene, Diesel Fuel, NHL & York

Benzene, Diesel Fuel, NHL & York is a about BNSF brakeman, conductor, and railroad worker that developed bladder cancer from possible/alleged benzene, diesel fume exhaust exposure.

A brief summary of the Benzene, Diesel Fuel, NHL & York scenario follows:

  • Plaintiff filed the instant Action pursuant to the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (“FELA”) alleging that from 1976 through 1991 Plaintiff was employed by Defendant as a brakeman/conductor.
  • During the course of his employment, Plaintiff alleges that he was “exposed to various toxic substances and carcinogens including but not limited to chemicals, solvents, diesel fuel/exhaust, benzene, heavy metals, creosote, manganese and rock/mineral dust and fibers.”
  • Plaintiff maintains that this exposure caused or contributed to his development of bladder cancer.

For more on the Benzene, Diesel Fuel, NHL & York case in the United States District Court, D. Colorado, please follow this link: Benzene, Diesel Exhaust and BNSF

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