Benzene, AML, Leukemia & Aliso Canyon

Benzene, AML, Leukemia & Aliso Canyon is a about the gas leak (e.g. methane, benzene…) during 2015-2016 in Aliso Canyon, California neighborhood which is close to Porter Ranch, California and the alleged problems (e.g., aml, leukemia) presenting themselves in several residants – both young and old – from possible/alleged benzene exposure.

A brief summary of the Benzene, AML, Leukemia & Aliso Canyon scenario follows:

  • some residents – young and old are experiencing some illnesses
    • rare form of cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, also known as AML
      • close to the community – Porter Ranch
  • estimated 97,000 metric tons of natural gas alleged escaped from a storage well from October 2015 to February 2016
  • SoCalGas in a statement said: “Thousands of indoor and outdoor air, dust, soil, and mud samples have been analyzed by public health agencies who concluded the communities near Aliso Canyon are safe.”
  • benzene is a cause for AML
  • Some links to air quality, leaks and benzene, methane, toluene studies and reports:

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